Large diameter microtunnelling comparison of drilling data obtained on the field.

F. Alessandrini, R. Meriggi, P. Cappellari.

The use of microtunnelling, in the meaning as described below, was introduced in Italy only in the last few years (end of 1991, beginning of 1992).

In this period of time it has been possible to develop a considerable weight of experience, based on the already notable optimisation of the technology acquired in other countries, so that today, in Italy as well, microtunnelling may be considered as “mature technology” for the resolution of countless problems linked to the trenchless installation of underground pipes.

It was a firm from Udine, I.CO.P. S.p.A. that introduced the technology into Italy, firstly in association with tlie RAS (Underground Joint Crossing Venture) and then on its own.
Up to now it has made over 6.000 m of sub horizontal axis crossing with the microtunnelling technology.
It is still the only Italian firm that operates directly with this technology so “its experience represents the total Italian experience of microtunnelling.

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